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Cashmere guide

Cashmere is one of the world's finest raw materials and is known for its softness, lightness, structure and warmth which gives a feeling of softness against the skin. We have chosen the finest cashmere from Inner Mongolia from the goat Capra Hircus Laniger.

When you own one or more cashmere garments, you want to take care of them. Cashmere is a luxurious material with wonderful properties that you want to keep. Maintenance is therefore important. The very best thing for the cashmere roll is to air the garment in cold fresh air because wool is self-cleaning. This means that you do not have to wash the garment often, it is more environmentally friendly and the cashmere is taken care of.


Pimples are excess fibers that occur where the garment has been exposed to friction. These can be easily removed by hand or with a cashmere comb. The nudging will decrease with time.


Cashmere Care is the perfect detergent for wool. It does not contain phosphate or bleach and has a light fragrance. When you wash your cashmere garment with Cashmere Care, we recommend hand washing at 30 degrees. It is important to remember not to wash at temperatures higher than 30 degrees, no bleach and do not tumble dry or spin. This can damage the cashmere roll.
The garments are dried lying down so as not to lose their shape. We recommend not hanging the garment on a hanger as this can cause drafts in the garment. If you do not have Cashmere Care detergent, you can use another detergent suitable for wool.
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