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About us

Natura Cashmere is a Norwegian brand created by Susanna Manasse.
The story behind Natura Cashmere goes all the way back to a holiday trip in Italy in 2010.
Our well-designed products are of the absolute highest cashmere quality
and ideal for use in both winter and summer.
You will own a product that is durable and timelessly designed.

The production is in Italy due to their long tradition in craftsmanship and
that their production processes are world class. Cashmere is one of the world's finest raw materials and is known for its softness, lightness, structure and warmth which gives a feeling of softness against the skin.
We have chosen the finest cashmere from Inner Mongolia from the goat Capra Hircus Laniger who are our best friends.

A life with Natura Cashmere gives a luxurious feeling and well-being.

"Buy less, choose well" - Vivienne Westwood -
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